Endless Mileage Project

What’s the difference between the Endless Mileage Project, Fast Forest, and Recovered Running?

The Endless Mileage Project is the overall non-profit, while the Fast Forest and Recovered Running are specific initiatives within Endless Mileage. As our team works to develop more sustainable initiatives in our sport they will live under the Endless Mileage Project.

How and when can I get a tree?

The trees are planted in honor of those American men and women who break 4 minutes and 4:30 minutes in the mile, respectively, in a sanctioned event with a time recognized by USATF and/or World Athletics.

The historic grove (all barrier breakers through the year 2021) has already been planted. Future trees will be allocated at the end of each calendar year.

If an athlete breaks their barrier as an American, but then goes on to represent a different country in their careers, their performance as an American is still marked with a tree. Likewise, if an athlete broke the barrier while representing another nation, but changed allegiance to represent the United States, their tree will be marked with their first time breaking the barrier as a U.S. athlete.

Can I visit the Fast Forest?

Yes! The Fast Forest is open to the public any time during Dorris Ranch’s operating hours. Dorris Ranch is located at 205 Dorris St, Springfield, OR 97477 and is open from dawn until dusk daily. For more information on the park and potential closures, visit their website

Why was 4:30 selected as the Fast Forest women’s barrier time?

After much consultation with those in the sport, including Endless Mileage Vice President and former professional runner Stephanie Garcia, 4:30 was selected for the speed, grit, and endurance required – as well as how the U.S. women milers are progressing as a whole, considering the mens’ several-decade head start in the event.

How are the trees arranged?

The trees are arranged chronologically by date and time of achievement. The tree tags are numbered respectively within their gender categories. The grove currently recognizes men, women, and nonbinary athletes. For tree tag purposes, the barrier time will be associated with the gender under which athletes competed at the time of their barrier-breaking feat.

I noticed an error on the Endless Mileage website and/or map – how can I let you know?

Please contact us!

A tree tag is missing on a specific tree - how can I let you know?

Please contact us!

There is an issue with my tree/tree tag - what can I do?

Dorris Ranch is a living, working orchard. As part of our agreement with Willamalane, trees are guaranteed in perpetuity, so if a tree does not survive, it will be replaced.

We have intentionally implemented biodegradable tree tags to keep our waste to a minimum - these are not meant to serve as permanent markers and, as such, tree tags may appear in varying states. That’s ok! The purpose of this project is the planting of trees in honor of performances - the tree is the symbol of recognition, not the tag. All athlete information, plus an interactive map of the trees, can be found on our website, here.

Will the Fast Forest only ever be the mile?

No! Our long-term goal is to have a forest represent every track & field event. Feel strongly about which should be next? Contact us!

I have gear I want to donate to Recovered Running – how can I do that?

Please note that we are currently only picking up gear donations in the larger Eugene, Seattle, and Flagstaff areas. If that is you, please contact us!

I know of a program in need of gear from Recovered Running – can I nominate them to receive some?

Absolutely! Please note that we are currently only distributing gear in the larger Eugene, Seattle, and Flagstaff areas. If that works with the program you have in mind, please contact us!

Can I sponsor a tree?

Donations to the Fast Forest are welcomed! Help us honor incredible performances and bring more trees into the world - donate today.

If a barrier-breaker is accused of doping violations, do they still get a tree?

Results that are recognized by World Athletics are recognized by the Endless Mileage Project. If the barrier-breaking result itself is deemed null by WADA or USADA violations, the performance/athlete will be removed from the Fast Forest.