Endless Mileage Project

One of the best parts about track and field is there is an event for everyone. No athlete should be prevented from participating in the sport of track & field because they do not have the equipment to do so.

Recovered Running aims to provide athletes and schools with the necessary equipment to begin or continue their athletic careers. We work with individuals, businesses, and organizations to source gently used clothes and gear to redistribute to local schools in need. In keeping this supply chain local, we cut down on waste and emissions, and provide people within a community a support system.

Throughout his professional career, Ben saw the vast amount of clothing and gear he accumulated and realized the opportunity to give back. Since 2020, he has collected and redistributed over 1,000 articles of clothing and gear to five Oregon high schools in need.

We are proud to have a presence at the World Athletics Championships Oregon22 this summer. At the event, athletes and staff will have the opportunity to donate any unwanted gear to Recovered Running. Additionally, all abandoned clothing and gear will be donated and redistributed to the local community.

Want to donate, or apply to be a collection site? Contact us.