Endless Mileage Project

When you see someone do the impossible, everything becomes possible.

In track & field, the 4-minute and 4:30 mile barrier seemed elusive – until it didn’t. The barrier has become the standard. The Fast Forest is the visible recognition of the accomplishments of the athletes who achieve it.

In partnership with the Willamalane Park and Recreation District in Springfield, Oregon, Dorris Ranch is the proud home of the Fast Forest. 755 trees have been planted to honor the 755 American athletes who have accomplished this feat through 2022, with more trees being added on a per annum basis.

Open to the public, we invite you to wander the grove and explore the trees dedicated to these athletes. Looking for a specific athlete? Search the Fast Forest map below to start your journey. Every tree has a biodegradable hang tag with the athlete’s name, official time, and date of the accomplishment so you’ll know when you’ve found the right one.

The Fast Forest will continue to grow as more and more people break this barrier, while the trees in the Forest actively fight climate change.

Which track & field event should be next to receive a Forest? We’re all ears…